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This project is a process in which the form and structure outlines the function of the project. The goal is to design a pedestrian bridge that opens at one point and will allow a 30' x 40' boat to pass through. Prototypes for bridges and prototypes for mechanisms need to be constructed and then fit together to allow the boat to pass. Each mechanism and bridge are altered and combined to allow this to happen and to ultimately  change the form of the bridge to fit the function.


3 bridges.jpg



3x3 GRID

project grid.jpg

After combining the bridge spans with the analogies, I developed a system combining each one in which the bridge would find a way to open.

Ultimately, I decided to continue with the Cantilever Bridge and Vice Grip design.

Vice Grip Detailed Analogy.jpg

To help me understand the function of the Vice Grip, I drew out this little diagram highlighting the hinges on the Vice Grip and what part moves with each one. Then up top I put it into design form to see how I could lift up the roadbed using my design.


3d bridge progression 1.jpg
3d bridge progression 2.jpg

Here is an animation showing my progression through the design and function stages of the project.


3d finished bridge.jpg

In this animation the function of my design is shown. A motor hidden underground would push up the piston shown in purple which is connected to the Vice Grip design concept. Pushing the one piece up would force the opposite piece down using the connecting pieces and set of hinges. The pieces on top would also angle upward causing the pullies to be pulled which then lifts up the roadbed, creating enough space for the object to move through the bridge. After the object passes through, the piston lowers back down causing the opposite effect for the concept which returns the roadbed back to normal for things to pass across the bridge.


Here is an animation getting a closer look at the mechanisms behind the function.

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